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Bitcoin Isn’t Dead, Says “The Purest Economic Market”

If you’ve been in the BTC space for a while, then you’ve likely heard the media, governments, banks, and others claim that “Bitcoin is dead”. In fact, Bitcoin’s “death” has been announced hundreds of times over its lifetime.

The fact that a lot of people continue to say that after so many before them have been completely wrong is nothing short of astounding.

Bitcoin does not develop according to our timeline. It does not perform according to investment managers’ expectations. It does not bend to the will of governments or regulators. Bitcoin is controlled by no one.

That gives Bitcoin extreme value as both a technology and money. But that also means that it will never behave in the way that market analysts and spectators demand.

I believe that Bitcoin is the purest economic market in history and I share thoughts like this often. Follow me, @hifi_bitcoin and check out my newsletter for more:

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