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Data Snapshots: How Far Are They Going Now?

Some Data Snapshots from us:

We have live, transparent data on all farms and you can see how far they are from 120% collateral rate at which we trigger liquidations (to protect Lenders from any losses) tezos BTC DeFi


For Farms that borrowed tzBTC (49 in total) both mean and median collateral rates are near 180% (181% and 183% respectively)

There is a larger number of Farms funded by borrowing tezos (86 right now) and for them the mean and median collateral ratios are slightly higher (197% and 196%)

What does all of this mean anyway?😏 Well, it means that even though we launch several months before a huge crypto crash during a general crypto bear market our users are feeling pretty safe and secure with little actual liquidation risks! 😎

And let us once again use this opportunity to promote VERY attractive Farming rates for tzBTC funded Farms

You get almost 35% APYs with just 2x leverage!

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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