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Volana: Solving Solve Solve Frozen Coins

My SolanaJourney started in Sep 2021!

A 🧵about my journey……

It all started in 2020 through buying BTC & ETH followed by many other coins until I found solana …it was the NFT side of things that intrigued me! My first purchase (as Solana was flying through the

🧵 1/6

2/6 three figures ranks) were @SolSnatchersNFT & @TheCavemenClub ……these guys were motoring and the FOMO was setting in! I got the bug and was gaining more SOL! The solana ecosystem was growing and personalities such as @SOLBigBrain @CryptoMagellan were whetting my

3/6 appetite! So the next NFTs started to get me even more excited such as @cryptocubs_io & @MatricaLabs and @SollamasNFT @SolsteadsNFT @PiggySolGang were all flying! At that point I was in! The community across Solana was (and still is) rocking and extremely supportive. The

4/6 innovation within the space was and still is exponential! I started to dabble in various DeFi protocols such as @orca_so @Francium_Defi @port_finance & @TulipProtocol all with great yield opportunities! This was a different world to me and gave me so much excitement! Fast

5/6 forward to today and yes we have had our ups and downs but the future has never been more clearer! The innovation remains and moving forward I have no doubt Solana will continue to lift trees and disrupt the space! I am so bullish on its future and the people within it! Now

6/5 is the time to support this great chain and make it great! Solana isn’t going anywhere!

solanajourney mysolanajourney

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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