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Meet NodalPower, The Future of Bitcoin Mining

.@NodalPower might be the future of Bitcoin x CleanEnergy

⚡️Generating power via landfill methane flares 💰Cash flows from selling base load to grid ➡️Incentivizing methane capture for renewable energy ✅ BTC mining provides to make biogas energy projects feasible🤯


Essentially, biogas is produced when micro-organisms break down biodegradable material in absence of oxygen

Typically this happens in: - Waste crop residues

- Animal manure

- Municipal Solid Waste

- Wastewater sludge

@NodalPower is focusing on landfill gas recovery systems

In US, most landfills must have biogas capture systems & biogas can be combusted to generate electricity

But for smaller landfills, large capital expenditures to build electricity generation & connect it to the grid haven't made sense vs. venting it.

Enter Bitcoin mining

With vertically integrated BitcoinMining datacenters on-site, it becomes profitable to operate electricity gen via flaring 90% of year vs. 50% ~

Smaller projects are feasible, more base energy load is produced + carbon negative BTC via methane reduction

Vespene Energy on Twitter

To get a sense of how this all could work, I highly recommend @mollywoods stellar interview with @NodalPower CFO @DanielSechrest on @TWiStartups

‎This Week in Startups: Understanding Corporate VC + turning methane into bitcoin w/ Nodal's Daniel Sechrest | E1611 on Apple Podcasts

+ @Smidnico did a great thread last week diving into biogas & it's potential to make Bitcoin mining carbon neutral or even carbon negative

Nico Smid on Twitter
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