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I Was Right For $15k, But I Was Right Every Time I Met

Thread: I sold everything at 57k Then after 10 days BTC dumped to 42k. I didn't enter into spot just longed with SL below 37500 (very bad RR but I was sure about instant move & also don't wanted to be kicked out of that) Was expecting 53k but again it dumped from 51900

Dumped from 51900 to 45k but I hold the long and took exit at around 50700 & shorted at 47800 with SL at 53k & was looking for target 37500. I had TP at 38200 & it went down directly to 33k. After that I didn't enter into any swing long like that & also was out of market.

Then I continued calling for mega dump & BTC went down to 28k again I called for more dump & at 24k most of the experts started calling for bull rally. But when it was above 24k I called bottom at 17500. Few were calling for 19800 & few for 14k but I was firmed for 17500

And you know the rest story. It rallied from 17500 to 25200 & again everyone started calling for 28k 30k & even for 42k lol. And I started calling for new bottom. New bottom at where? I said can't say exact bottom price now but will look for 15500 level. I've shared SS also

When everyone was calling for 14k I was looking for 15500. And took exact bounce from 15500 to 18200 And after looking at all those stuff again I'm saying more dump is coming.

Now still many are calling for 14k I'm not sure about that support. 12k/10k probably. Bitcoin

Why I'm saying this? I was correct every time for price prediction so what? Is that mean I'll be right this time also? No, at least logically not. But many got their entries in between & I'm out of market since it was at 57k so I think I need to start accumulation soon.

You decide your price. It can be anything like 14k/12k/10k. Buy your good interested coins at these levels. Bcoz we're near to bottom. No matter where you accumulate. BTC ETH Ethereum Crypto Cryptocurrency CryptoNews Cryptocurrencies cryptocrash BNB

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