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Bear Markets Show us the Over-Leads of the Bear

Buy kda at 1.75 they said. DCA now or you’ll be buying at 5 they said. All while btc was making lower lows…. I recall so many getting angry when I said I’ll buy below a buck.. in just 3 days kda is at .8. Lesson = Stop following idiots who have no idea. Educate you.

By now you know who was making smart decision, making intelligent and responsible financial advice. These are the people to follow. I follow @RealAlphaWifey @GarethSoloway



@42macroDDale where my my Alpha comes from.

If you bought every dip from the 20s down to last few months. You have lost 50% or more on average and we haven’t even seen a real bottom print out on the charts yet. I hope you realize now why we’re so skeptical. bear markets show us the over leveraged + bad fomo. More is coming

Every bear market has these types of events and companies that go under. This 15k wasn’t a fluke. I and others knew something would happen that would start a new leg down. There is no other way. It is in its nature. Pay attention. Be patient. You have plenty of time.

When a real bottom forms you will have weeks and months to DCA. Alts will continue to bleed regardless of what btc does. However, more bad news can send it even lower. I’m so glad I was able to understand and grasp the way of the bear. I still have my profits from Jan / Feb ‘22

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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