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Bitcoin News (now it’s Not Out Yet): “FTX”, “Inside FTX, NEX/Alameda Infection Infection, and More

1/ Last Friday, FTX officially filed for bankruptcy, as it failed to raise funds to solve its insolvent situation.

This brought new market lows, with BTC touching 15.2k, while ETH tested 1.1k again.

So what next? Let's find out 🔽

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2/ When bottom?

While it might seem the bottom is near as the market sentiment is similar to November 2018, I agree with @krugermacro guessing the bottom is irrelevant, instead, wait for the dust to settle until it becomes clear where the bottom is.

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3/ FTX hack - an insider job?

Over the weekend, a “hack” took place draining nearly half a billion from wallets connected to AlamedaResearch 🔽

Keep an eye as it's still possible that this week one experiences further wreckage from FTX's downfall on Twitter

4/ A different FTX/Alameda contagion.

BlockFi is clearly insolvent. CryptoCom and Nexo are the targets of new rumors:

So what to expect this coming week? Read today's CryptoMusings to know it all 🔽

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Crypto wars: A new beginning

5/ Keep reading!!

▶️ @balajis take on how can we quantify trust:

▶️ @ErikVoorhees and @cobie explaining the wild implosion of FTX:

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