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#FTX, the Rule of thumb for Freedom!


It is really sad to see how many influencers have recommended FTX and so many other shit exchanges/projects.

Rule of thumb people

If it sells anything other than btc it’s time is limited & will get recked like every currency ever created

Thread 👇

2/ So if someone offers to pay you to shill their project maybe it might be a good idea to do some research on it first if you care about the people you are giving advice to. The influencers that never took the time to do this are being exposed. So few honest warriors out there.

3/ It’s not that hard to do some research and follow the money. FTX was pretty obvious imo

If they offer leverage or shitcoins they are dangerous for the General public

If the owner is a vegan with man boobs that’s another red flag 🚩


4/ Bitcoin Trading Cards will NEVER have a shitcoin in the pack, an exchange that sells shitcoins, a shitcoin related project or an influencer that shills any of that shit (unless it is to expose them 🦹‍♂️)


We are a gateway to freedom!


And only BTC offers freedom on the other side of that door 🚪

As educators & influencers we are all responsible for the information we provide & the products we recommend.

The true proponents of freedom that want to fix the system is much smaller than you imagine

6/ People can make mistakes and learn from them to make better choices & I understand this but you only get so many chances before it’s to late and this depends on the level of your mistakes.

7/ Us BTC Maximalists have an important job & that is to expose the lies & fakes but focus on the influencers & help the victims who where led down the wrong path by the ones they thought they could trust. Be a Warrior of Freedom & Truth!




8/ It is not about making the small guy feel stupid right now for trusting a recommended exchange but helping them learn & moving forward correctly with BTC only and self custody. This is how we reach max adoption, this is how we win!

Cancel the shills! Build up the Warriors!

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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