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10 Features to Know About Unstoppable Bitcoin Features

For those ready to take BTC from an exchange and become your own custodian (a free being!) we would like to highlight 10 points to know about @unstoppablebyhs Bitcoin capabilities.

1. Non-custodial SPV wallet >> It doesn’t rely on any centralized entity/server/organization/bank to allow user to store/send/receive Bitcoins. As long there is Internet there is a connectivity you can send and receive Bitcoins. Just they way money should work.

2. Standard >> Non-custodial wallets created in @unstoppablebyhs can be easily restored in other standard compliant Bitcoin wallet apps. You are never locked to Unstoppable wallet app.

3. Supports all Bitcoin Address Formats >> As Bitcoin network evolved the address formats kept changing. Unstoppable wallet supports all of them BIP44, BIP49 and BIP84.

4. Wallet Passphrases >> Unstoppable allows creation of wallets that are accessible via secret phrase + passphrase combo. Not only wallet guarded by 12/15/18/21/24 secret word list but also a passphrase. Think of it as an additional security layer on top of words list.

5. Universal >> Users can migrate pretty much any non-custodial wallet to Unstoppable using a) 12/15/18/21/24 word list, b) word list + passphrase, c) BIP32 Root key or d) Extended private key. Unstoppable allows easy management of unlimited number of Bitcoin wallets.

6. Bitcoin time-locks >> Unstoppable enables sending Bitcoins which can not be spent by the recipient until a certain date in the future.

7. Transaction privacy >> Unstoppable provides means to make Bitcoin transactions a bit more private (to the extent that’s currently possible) for users by changing the way user transactions are structured.

8. Watch-only wallets >> Monitor Bitcoin balances kept on cold storage wallets such as Trezor Ledger etc in Unstoppable.

9. Open - source >> Verifiably open source wallet that has a public and works as it claims to without means to cheat.

10. iOS / Android >> Built primarily for mobile use.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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