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I Bought Crypto as a Speculation, Now It’s Mine

I bought crypto as a speculative play. So I've never been in it worried about my future or my retirement. Nonetheless I want it to win. small Bitcoin btc BTC position heavy dodgecoin & several other alts & utility coins including the meme shib. Holding all.

Yes the coin matters, but the exchange matters more as we have all seen. I'm on Coinbase, Crypto

& binance. W/ the majority at Coinbase and BinanceUS. Ironically the coin that I think has the most immediate potential is doge . Two reasons: The community is

outstanding and everybody wants to win. But what I mean community these people are about you and me, retail. They're about the average dude. They're anti-corruption anti-bad government. Government has its purpose but not bad government. That's why @elonmusk backs the

community. It's less about money in the coin and more about the mission. Remember this is the community that was helping worthy causes. The charitable community the coin of the people. Why am I telling you all this? Because I thought about dumping all my tokens right now

But then decided not to. I remembered this was my speculative play. I've investigated by Binance and Coinbase and I feel good about those two exchanges. My assets are backed. No leverage. However if I'm to buy right now I'm buying my play that has the most potential

doge I believe has the greatest opportunity right now. The others still have a lot of potential especially btc eth shib algo ada IMHO. The Elon bought Twitter. He's going to allow very low transactions on that platform and I bet he picks doge. He understands payment

processing. Remember PayPal! Small business owners need a place to be able to transact with lower fees. This could be another billion dollar opportunity in the crypto space. Good luck my fellow retailers but I'm staying in crypto.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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