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Split or No Split? (BTC) Is There A Key ingredient Between BTC and ETH?

Recently it has come to light, that there are some key differences regarding BTC

and ETH. Im not talking about network and nodes, im talking about ways to facilitate exchanges and swaps.


Bitcoin has been the original decentralized standard, but it lacks 1 key ingredient that Ethereum has had for a very long time. A means to exchange tokens trustlessly (on a DEX). This is one of the factors of why I personally have been more than %90 in the ETH/EVM ecosystem, 2/7

and only a small fraction is reserved in BTC. I love Bitcoin as the king, and first of its kind. But the ability to trustlessly swap assets its a must, and hard to live without while still fully upholding decentralized tenants.


This actually goes way back to when @VitalikButerin

rubbed shoulders with some of the builders of the Bitcoin code. He had an idea, that this financial layer should also have the ability to launch contracts and dapps that use it.


This idea wasn't well received, thus Ethereum, with its ability to create fully decentralized exchanges, was eventually born.


In the end its not about which is better, but we still need to remember what brought us here. Decentralization, Trustlessness, and Open-source. Building with these tenants is what will grow this entire space.


I will still continue to support Bitcoin, but my hope is that we can see through chain polarization, and look at the pure applications of the tech. Those building this tech should be supported from all sides and chain ecosystems. 7/7

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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