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Range Report: Hot Bitcoin Market Painters Feel the Heat

The Crypto community is hurting due to the FTXCRASH

Let's begin the Healing! ❤️‍🩹

GNY are pledging a week of free BTC

Range Reports with the aim of bringing context to the current cryptomarket situation

Read on to: -> Educate yourself

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Today's Range Report is free for you to view here:

Continue reading this thread to discover what we believe it is showing us in relation to Bitcoin volatility


Indicators charts Bitcointrading


Within today's release of the Range Report we are seeing potential signals for a Wycoff spring in the Bitcoin


A Wycoff spring can offer profitable trades in the opposite direction to a failed breakout off a sideways consolidation or accumulation zone.


This is our 30-day Historical Prediction chart for Bitcoin

contained within the Range Report

-> It is refreshed daily for subscribers to the Report

-> It can help you identify failed breakouts such as those that form part of a Wycoff spring


The Bitcoin

price dipping below our 21st & 24th of Oct forecasts indicated a distortion in expected volatility

Long trades at these points present easy entries with a profit margin extending into the following day’s price movement

Do you see the latest opportunity?


Be warned⚠️ The move out of the consolidation area in a Wycoff spring pattern tends to be short & sharp

You must be prepared

The full Range Report helps identify a Wycoff's false breakdown as it passes through the support of our price forecasts & GNY Opportunity Zone


The Range Report can further be used to monitor the sustainability of a trend once it's established

We will be closely watching our Parabolic Sar chart within the daily report for confirmation of this spring event turning into a period of upward momentum for the market


If positive news in the cryptomarket starts to emerge this can also foreshadow an upturn

Our carefully curated News and Events section within the Range Report

for BTC

is one to watch in that regard

It will provide you with extra context and help inform your trades


This post is based on this twitter thread.


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