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List Of Useful Utility Projects With 100M Total Supply

It's hard to find good utility projects with less supply and low cap gems

I consolidated list of utility projects with 100M total


Any projects are missing?

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LYXE @lukso_io

LUKSO is a Blockchain network dedicated to existing and coming digital lifestyle use cases.

It will be running with a casper consensus algorithm (PoS) combined with an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) execution engine

Total Supply - 100M lyxe lukso altcoins

EWT @energywebx

It is an open-source blockchain, multi-layer digital infrastructure to develop & deploy an open and decentralized digital operating system for the energy sector in support of a low-carbon. It has already partnered with big players

Total Supply - 100M ewt btc

GEEQ @GeeqOfficial

Geeq is multi-blockchain platform and highly customizable decentralized networking solution with the speed, scalability, security and cost effectiveness.

It works on proof of honesty protocol and they also raised 25M

Total Supply - 100M geeq altcoins

ONI @onino_io It is DAG hybrid blockchain network still in development and solving issues of lack of privacy, no real identity frameworks, lacking scalability & missing accessibility. They have unique products onify and contact book to prevent scams.

Total Supply - 100M onino

RIO @realio_network Tokenization is next big thing and RIO is one of them trying to tokenize the real world assets and retailers can easily trade them.

Total Supply - 93M

Check my other thread about tokenization

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SCLP @ScallopOfficial It is fintech ecosystem trying to bring bank and blockchain together where you can buy, trade crypto using fiat and manage them. It also provides IBAN, debit cards, cex and it is regulated and licensed.

Total Supply - 100M sclp crypto fiat btc

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Also, read about the tokenomics and why you should check before buying any token

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Disclaimer: This is not a financial advice. Please do your own research before trading or buying and I do not own them

Follow these rules or set your own rules

I am trying to guide to choose right projects 🥰 NFA DYOR altcoin

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