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The day has come to say goodbye to Hashcoin

@VitalikButerin @cz_binance @elonmusk I feel the day has come to say goodbye to Shitcoins And cryptocurrency btc Ethereum When I started crypto I thought that is something that is for the people, that will change the world for better. But is all lies and manipulation instead

Lies and robbery, the rich gets richer by fomo people in to buy coins which they are pumping artificially than when they achieved their target they dump on the last buyers just like a well planned ponzischeme and piramidegame

Then the startup tokens the shitcoin market?

I never met such desperate, hypocrite and money hungry people that in this space. (There are few honest and good people I met them so I know) Y'all want just money a quick bucks, a few X s than move on.

Never seen so many scams in my life either. Hundreds of tokens are launching everyday,99% are SCAM slowrug PumpAndDump

There are groups of callers and degen who pump and dumping coins everyday for a quick bucks.

My stomach is turning

There are mob of callers there are too many to list who getting paid for calling out a shitcoin, they buy in early call the token to their followers than dump their holdings on their audience and are blaming the jeets.

"alpha" gem underrated they just empty words designed to FOMO you in to buy the token and take your eth or BNB

This market is utterly disgusting, never seen so many lies and dishonesty in my life. What happened to LunaClassic or with FTX Didn't surprised me

In fact this happens everyday on shitcoinmarket

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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