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What I Will Learn Going Forward and What This Twitter Going to Use

Alright here is the list of skills that I have, what I will be learning moving forward and what this twitter will be used for moving forward. Thanks to @KingMadusCrypto for giving the inspiration! 🧵🪡

Crypto BTC FuturesTrading Programming streaming

Skills I currently have.

- Front end programming (JSX, HTML, CSS, React Frame work.

- Video Editing (Just the basics)

- Business (Gonna be putting it to use with a Shopify brand)

What skills I will be Learning

- Markting

- Futures trading

- Running a Brand

- Leadership - Streaming

- Growing Twitter

- Public speaking

For Starters.

I have been doing contracting jobs here and there for Front end programming and have netted about 650 for about 8 hours of work.

Work has gotten slow with the start up I work with but it will pick up speed soon.

Goal is to make a personal site by next week✍️

For video editing.

I can really just do the basics to make a video watchable and not a boring mess.

Heres my channel that I have started a while back:

Feel free to sub and comment or like.



I currently have no practical experience with running a business but I have studied the basics and will be applying them to a Shopify Brand that I and old high school buddies started.

Site should be up in a couple days.

Goal: Pay it self of month after month!


I will start to stream in about 3 days.

I don't really have a goal for it as of now.

Should be fun tho, let's see where it takes me.

On the other hand.


just have to learn the other skills that I mentioned above.

I will post updates on it as I go on.

I will do my best to post daily updates and share what I have learnt so that others can take notes from my mistakes and success.

Cheers Lads,


This post is based on this twitter thread.


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