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Bitcoin Market Bottom? Market Bottom Out?

Wall Street Cheat Sheet for Bitcoin : is it over? Did the market bottomed?๐Ÿ‘‡

If you're a HODLers , BUIDLer, or investors, you may want to read this to spot the perfect bottom to buy.

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1/ First, let's refer to the cheat sheet.

The cheat sheet will tell what stage are we. This is an easy indicator to know the next move of the market.

Where do you think we are?

2/ If you guessed Anger, you're correct! Looking at the charts above, BTC chart seems familiar. Now let's follow and focus on the cheat sheet itself without using advanced analysis or TA.

3/ After the 3AC collapse, BTC went down to 17.5K and gave a few months of consolidation. That clearly shows that it is a capitulation stage after the major resistance were created around 25K, while the major support relies at 18K.

4/ Now after the 3AC situation comes FTX collapse, making a new bottom of 15.5K as of now.

What do you think happened? A transition from capitulation to anger. Exactly looks the same on the chart, right?

5/ As of this writing, the market is having a relief rally from 15.5K up to 18K by a wick, then starts to move upwards one more time. Now, this is a part of the psychology to trap retail traders and newbies scaring them away once again.

Sample: FTX is over! Buy the dip! All-in!

6/ But no, no, no. If you know simple TA, you would draw key levels of where BTC may reject. I just shared a chart where you can get the latest news and updates including BTC chart - all for free!


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7/ What's my point? We are going to depression stage to make a new bottom.

Good sign to buy the dip. Wait and watch what happens.


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