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Bitcoin Price Looking Likely To Advance

Thanks all of you for 2000 followers and an amazing response to my Discord 🙏🙏

With that being said here is my take on BTC for the next few months.

PS : A lot can change in 3 months but this is my basic idea.

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I have added both horizontal and vertical charts for a cleaner look and levels.

As Of now I think the local weekly bottom is in that is 15700.

By weekly I mean, weekly candle need not close below it for an upmove (marked as weekly pivot)

Bullish Senario (Yellow)

As long as Weekly pivot is saved I expect some rangebound movement between 16k to 19k, with a wick to 14.5 possible (not 100%)

That spring would be good to take out a lot of stops and then pump upto 24k 26k or even 30k by eoy or Jan.

Bearish Senario (Pink)

If the weekly pivot is lost then 16k will become the resistance and death of alts will take a new meaning and we'll target 12k and 9k.

This looks possible due to chance of SnP Nuke.

With all that being said I'll try my best to update LTF as often as I can.

If anything changes I'll update this thread.

If you have any doubts, just tag me or comment here, I'll be happy to help.

This is not Financial advice and especially not trading advise.

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