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I Survived the Bear Market, Now it’s Time for Regulation

Some people will hate me for this,and it's okay. A quick story before I say what's on my mind,

this trend might be so long, but trust me it will be worth it. I invested in BTC in 2012 knowing it could change the world if it works, i got scammed. so I watched it from afar 🧵👇

I saw people loss money and make it back again and this happened from one bear and bull market to another and also I read about company, projects , tokens crashing from Billions to Zero in a matter of days, hours and minutes in almost every bear market.

And it's always one of the most Hyped token, projects or companies that takes the hit, which reminds me of the saying that goes, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. And it has happened again, now in this bear market, back to my story ,

I finally decided to invest in BTC again i 2019, I enjoyed the bull run that came after the bear market before Elon and China decided to crash the party (in my own opinion) sending the market into a short bear market,

then another bull run before this main bear market and

And those who have being in crypto knows that damage need to be done, big names need to go under, 90% of all this influencer call @stablekwon of LUNA a Criminal where all promoting LUNA when it was pumping, LUNA was actually a great technology that was working just fine

Till it was broken, and then I lost almost everything not just from my exposure to LUNA but cos I decided to take responsibility of the poor people I exposed to the investment, even tho it was not much but to some of them, it was all thy had, so I had to do something .

Now is @SBF_FTX

a very bright chap, he was seen as the messiah of crypto currency untill last week, when @cz_binance drop a tweet that provided us this buying opportunity.

Now everyone is calling for the head of @SBF_FTX because of one mistake that all of us contributed to

Before you invest in crypto you where told not to invest the money you can afford to loss and to always DYOR, Blockchain is a new revolutionary technology,

its going to take many failure to get things right,

decentralisation is not going to be over night

The failure of LUNA and FTX should be seen as a good thing,

we all know the consequences, every great reward requires a great sacrifice,

before now, 90% of the influences calling @SBF_FTX a scammer would not even think twice to invest in any project affiliated with him

Have been on @MarioNawfal space and have heard all sorts of stuff and during my time on his space no one comes up with a solution to this problem but a complain complain complain, cos its easy to complain when everyone is feeling the pain, if we don't find solution quickly,

It me and you that thy call the dumb money that will continue to lose money, as you might have heard some people that matter still where able to get there money out of FTX even after they freeze withdrawal, I have watched many YouTube channels like

@cryptomanran of @crypto_banter which is one of my best channel,

he us to say never bet against @SBF_FTX , since he has come out to attempt to start up afresh,

in my own opinion, just as we all deserve a second chance,

let's give him the chance under close supervision

If we don't, it will take a long time to get it right , and also, if we want to minimise our risk,, being the greedy humans that we are, we will need regulation or bad actors will keep taking advantage and give the crypto industry a bad name.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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