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Bitcoin Priceflow Continuation Continues To Fall

BTC SHORT SETUP Simple Orderflow Continuation. Reasoning behind taking this trade in the comment section.

When you watch your HTF charts what is suggesting to you amc?(it`s telling me that BTC is fuckin` fucked mate😄🤣🤣...joking guys, stay with me I`ma give you the sauce) When I am watching my H4 Charts is suggesting me that my DOL is PDL(this was before PDL was out).

After PDL was out we still bearish as fuck tho so I am telling myself: let`s se what the news brings me.08:30 embargo comes and it gave me a move up..ok ok good.WHERE did that pump pushed the price?Price was pushed into a m3 -FVG right?

Same time price swept a previous high creating a m15 Raid. THEN this is what you want to observe so pay attention. After the m15 raid into the m3 -FVG we repriced lower...we go down fast what is that suggesting?

The sweep of liquidity followed by a rapidly decline is telling you the move up was just a usual protraction that trapped buyers on the wrong side of the market and price most likely go down.

NOW. What is your entry amc? My closest entry is this m1 -FVG What is your TP?There are any opposing pools of liquidity/inneficiency on the downside for your idea to pan out? HELL YEAH BUDDY..just watch those equal lows and keep in mind H1 +FVG not filled yet.

....But amc you never know if FVG`s will be fully closed or not...yes yes yes...there might be situations when you might know. Enjoy! And sorry If my fucked up `casm racked your nerves a bit. Have a great day dear friends!😉

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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