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Voila! Price Analysis: Hitting Hype Level

Latest updates: - BTC H4:

- ETH H4:

Tldr: - Both rejected by H4 trend + horizontal confluence, - Both close to "must hold" areas, - DXY & SPX @ D1 200 EMA, - NYO in 15min (ish), => These are today's focuses.


Bierre on Twitter
Bierre on Twitter

For each dedicated updated I highlighted what I believe to be the "must hold/must break-flip" levels, what areas to targets if "must hold" is lost and if "must break-flip" is... broken and flipped.

Highlighted what I believe to be the main focuses of the day too:

VoilĂ , I think that's really all you need for today.

Bierre on Twitter

Also didn't made a dedicated post for it as it's still just small scalps with reduced risk/size (will remain like this until I feel comfortable again betting more), but re-entered DYDX @ H4 trend - 2.25-2.35, will cut if H4 trend lost, aiming for recent highs and D1 200 EMA.

VoilĂ  that's it for me for today, gl hf everyone.

I am aware my charts can seem to be low quality but it's actually the opposite and just twitter shit compression crushing it.

Solutions are to open the image in different tab and/or right click save (duuuuh nfts) and open elsewere and/or right click open in high quality.


@elonmusk please sir, some of us are trying to produce content for your plateform. Would be nice if it wasn't treating media format like if we were all still running on windows XP. Cheers !

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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