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$BTC Update – $BTC Might Not Be So Happy With It

BTC Update

Haven’t discussed the FTX nonsense much but as the initial dust settles the following scenario

seem very plausible to me:

1) FTX was a deliberate and malicious Trojan horse that was aimed at hurting and turning off as many market participants as possible.

2) It was an example of unregulated, extraordinary greed, that was monitored but allowed to fail by Govt

The outcome is 2 pronged. Either:

A)🔹 Retail holders capitulate at cycle lows giving institutions the chance to finally get involved with 5-10X returns

B)🔹Crypto dies and CBDCs miraculously takes its place: ‘Look how dangerous crypto is.. we’ll protect you!’

Either way FTX feels convenient. And it feels deliberate in the way that it is making people think, ‘maybe this time it’s different ?’

For precisely this reason I am convinced that crypto comes back stronger than ever

Anyway off to Japan for a month 🇯🇵

Strategy remains the same

BTC Limit orders in place from 12–16k

Hoping to get my whole stack filled in the next 4 weeks 🤝

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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