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Ethereum’s Trust-Based System Is Good for BTC & ETH

You cannot be good for BTC & good for ETH at the same time. Proof-of-Stake is the exact opposite of the intent of RPoW & the work that Back, Finney, and Nakamoto started. It is REGRESSION & it will HARM people. Buterin&Co convinced everyone RPoW is bad & many will be wrecked!

Buterin just convinced people to remove the ONE THING that made ETH special or innovative. It is now a DINO, trust-based system where users must HOPE their benefactors won't turn on them b/c they have no option to overturn them.

You guys put yourself in front of this train & asked for the poopshow that is about to happen. You guys effectively started a civil war that will bring ALL OF US DOWN until you capitulate that there is no replacement for RPoW.

We would be sitting on 200k BTC right now if it weren't for the fact that you guys genuinely don't understand what you have done with PoS. You basically created a giant red-herring that vectored the 1st FOMO wave of institutional capital AWAY from BTC.

An on top of that, now you have handed central bankers everything they need to overregulate the crap out of this industry, and pumped the narrative they need to shill their CBDCs which will be far worse of a PoS system than ethereum

It will take YEARS TO WALK BACK the amount of misinformation and B.S. that was pumped into the minds of mainstream because of Ethereum/Ripple's marketing campaign. you RUINED the chance for retail to get a solid head start on institutions

sooo many people are going to get wrecked b/c they parked their money into some alt that is going to get destroyed in the collapse of "defi" and "web3" lies weaved over past 3 years, and ethereum was right there at the center of all of it

I take it PERSONALLY. I am prepared to risk my entire profession career (as a subject matter expert in systems security) undoing this HARM you have caused people by vectoring them away from the thing they needed to keep them secure.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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