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GNY Range Report: Market Should Be Slightly Higher In Today’s Markets

Normally the cryptomarket is a battleground for Bears Vs Bulls

Following the FTXCRASH an additional battle has arisen; one of Contagion Vs Momentum

We are seeing this play out in today's BTC

Range Report from GNY

Let's dive into the analysis...


GNY's Predictions vs Actual chart shows the effect that the overall cryptomarket sentiment is having on price

A measurable difference between sentiment & Statistics

onchain data (minus sentiment analysis) says the market should be significantly higher than it is.


Our unique Parabolic SAR Chart has shown another successive dot printed from above the BTC

price to below the price

This is a tentative Bullish signal hinting at a market reversal

We will be looking for a welcome 3rd dot in a row in tomorrow's Range Report 🔎


Our unique 90-day Hikkake chart (published daily) shows an unconfirmed Bullish indicator on the 12th Nov

We are closely watching for a confirmed one

Such an indicator can highlight a breakout move in the BTC

price that leads to profitable trading opportunities


Daily RSI is currently sitting at 35%, up 2 points from yesterday

-> When the RSI reading is at 30 or below it signals BTC

is underpriced within the chart’s time frame

-> The closer we get to this point increases the possibility of a trend reversal to the upside


Consistent fear in the media & rolling insolvency news has considerable downward pressure on price, and may end up building pressure & scarcity in BTC


When will a sense of opportunity overcome fear of continued slides?

Watch the GNY Range Report for signs


Today's BTC

Range Report from GNY is free for you to view in full here:

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Range Report - GNY
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