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Market Update: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and More: This Morning's Market Update

Daily Market Update 11/16: BTC is currently trading around 16.6k and ETH around 1.2k. Notable gainers in the last 24 hours are CHZ, AR, and OKB

Global equities are down slightly this morning, while bonds are moving higher. Crypto is also down as crypto market contagion has spread to @Gen_Capital, @Gemini Earn & likely many others

Markets rallied back yesterday as later reports indicated the blast in Poland was from the remains of a missile shot down by Ukrainian forces

.@SBF_FTX continues to double down on his attempt to raise liquidity to bail out customer deposits, reiterating a warped valuation of @FTX_Officials illiquid token assets to understate the severity of the shortfall

Multiple US banks partnered with the @federalreserve to test a CBDC platform; @Gen_Capital paused withdrawals & suspended loan originations as a result of @FTX_Officialfueled challenges; @Cristiano revealed plans to release his first NFT collection on @binance this Friday

For other notable news of the day, check out the full crypto market report here:

Daily Market Update: Nov 16, 2022 - GSR Markets
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