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Opinion: I Have Accused a Play by Play By Play Feed.

Let me list some of my mistakes (all of which I have corrected & admitted):

1) BTC would retrace between .5 & .786 of the 1st crash from 69K 2) holding onto Dino coins a bit too long. To those who follow, we still made a lot of money, but they didn’t go as high as I wanted. 🧵

Consequently after seeing they wouldn’t go to the🌙. I sold for half the profit I would have made in Oct of 2021, During this time I was blocked by someone near & dear to many. I am sure you know who. For what it’s worth I still have a great deal of respect for this person. 🧵


3) 53K before 33K. I was wrong and I came out and admitted it. The rationale was in large part because of me being incorrect on the first item I mentioned. Expecting a retrace of magnitude.

4) being confusing to some. Twitter is tough because you lose and add people 🧵


over the course of time. This creates confusion when you see me posting bullish charts when all hell is breaking loose. Especially when I was calling for 17K to hold. That’s Very UNDERSTANDABLE! To that end, all I can do on is give alternate outcomes 🧵


Going forward.

5) my BIGGEST fault. I tweet A LOT! I actually coined myself as a play by play feed. That is both challenging and hurts me. Why? Because if I miss something on a lower time frame, I am hung out to dry. If I tweeted once a week, & allowed the noise to 🧵


Play out, & then confirm my thesis, no one would be the wiser. Part of my heart is to try and carry people when things are uncertain. Perhaps that’s me trying to be too much for too many.

Bottom line: I’m NOT ALWAYS RIGHT. But I can promise you, I’m right more than wrong.🧵


At the end of the day, my hope is that you will LEARN from my posts & charts.

The ancient proverb applies:

Give a man a 🐟, feed him for a day,

Teach a man to fish 🎣, feed him for a lifetime.

So there you go, now you know I’m not perfect. 🧵


Follow. Don’t follow. Doesn’t matter. I’m not in it for the followers, & damn sure not in it for the💰, as I ask for none. I’m here to help 1 or many. I’m here to be a virtual friend & teacher. If times are bad, if times are good, my hope is you’ll see I’m only here to help 😊

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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