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Bitcoin and Ethereum Are Going Nowhere Fast

Agree with Don.

If you think both BTC and ETH make even conservative new ATHs in the future, you’re getting a 5x on investments around these levels. Better ROI than ur day trading.

I’ve been saying 10-20k BTC and 500-1000 ETH buys will look really smart in a few years.

Plus, how much more bad news can there really be lol?

Whatever else could go wrong and drive us lower is likely still a buying opportunity because you are basically betting on the survival of Crypto.

I’ll be joining Don and start nibbling at these levels with ammo for lower.

Seen a few other ppl post similar ideas.

Who will actually execute and have the patience and willpower to sit in the position thru the ups and downs over time?

I know Don will, that 1 year hold for no cap gains in Germany is a nice motivator too I’m sure.

I’ll go find my tweet describing my plan once I’m on the plane, but it’s effectively the same as his. And this is my telling you I’m beginning to execute on that plan.

The Neck and Duck confluence has been powerful dating back to 2017-2018.

GL friends.

Also, I’ll be putting my stop at 1 just to be sure if we are wrong I have 1 more than Don when we are in line at the soup kitchen.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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