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Bitcoin Price Holds Above Beating Resistance

btc 4.26R trade if this plays out... also i was not able to trade for past few days cause i was moving to other house and it was hectic but i m back to the charts now

btc will move my SL up once some conditions are met by pa

Rn trade going good

using small amount cause I m trading after some time now

btc moved SL to above BE

now i will tp above those almost eq highs and will want the price to flip those levels

btw already 1.4R trade done which is good

but my target is above so not taking any profits rn

btc SL moved up also i didnot take the TP i think we can just see the price hit the target before it hits my SL so i will wait n have my lunch now

btc also see this white line on those eq highs...

i will teach you guys something about this chart after i have my lunch and once this trade plays out

btc okay done with lunch n my SL got hit also

💵if you took this trade it was a 2.4R Trade 💵 in prev tweet in this thread i said i will teach about white line people see it as resistance once it gets above it becomes support they long n price fks them in the ass

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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