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How to Succeed in Cryptocurrency Thread

How to be successful in crypto thread: 1. Learn adaptation to the market. 2. Learn critical thinking, never assume that you are making a good decisions, you need to be flexible, you need to be ready to enter the market at any moment, same with exit.

3. Stop following 99% of CT influencers, most of them have no idea where the market is going, but they still advise you to do some stupid shit cuz they doing it, stop listen most of them.

4. Learn basic TA, knowing TA is allowing you to see the whole market structure..

the more you see the more you will know, the more you can predict, based on that you should making decisions.

5. Kill your emotions, emotions won't never allow you do to right decisions, it's related to FOMO.

6. Follow other markets, crypto is not different then stocks or gold in terms of demand and supply, it's market like the other ones which means there is a correlation, FOLLOW OTHER MARKETS.

7. Do DCA even at -90%, don't put all of your money in something cuz it's cheap.

It always can be cheaper.

8. Stay aware, don't buy and forget, stay focused of what's going on around the world to avoid big financial mistakes. 9. DON'T KEEP YOUR CRYPTO ON EXCHANGE. 10. Don't try to be perfectionist as well, you can't know everything and do good decisions

all the time = critical thinking, adaptation point nr.2

What do I miss here ? add something from you guys. BTC

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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