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Breaking: CT Accounts Have a Huge Concern with Customers’ Accounts

I have a HUGE concern with big account CT accounts

I am concern how many have called the bitcoin BTC crypto bottom since 58K and continued to do so

I am concern with up arrows only since January this year

I am concerned how many do not understand a bear market

I am concern with 'I told you so' when the market pumps 1% then the account goes quiet on a new low to yet return with BTC bottom IS IN

I am concerned how many do not understand the economic pressures we face

I am concerend how many people put blind faith into these accounts

I am starting to feel FTX and SBF are not the last thing that needs flushing out the market

There will be a time when a lot of CT accounts will have to face direct and personal scruteny from the whole CT communty

The next bull phase needs to be cleaner on CT not moony crap

Fair to say I am concerned.

Take care CT , stay face

bitcoin is here to stay , but in the coming years maybe a few toxic people won't stay

can't make this up

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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