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5 Challenges Farmers Face When Farmer’s Problem

Hard times for farmers create ripple effects that translate to hard times for all of us!

Here's 5 challenges farmers face that's affecting your monthly budget


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Limited availability and access to flexible financing would reduce farmers production capacity and in turn cause a decline in food production.

BTW: fingers crossed for what @agro_dao is cooking in this regard.

Post-Harvest Loss:

This can jeopardise farmers income and has the potential of taking them completely out of business.

Access to markets:

The lack of reliable market access reduces farmer income and brings a decline to production capacity and productivity.

Pest Attacks/Disease Outbreaks/Natural Disasters:

This can be very devastating for farmers. Below is @iamEldersons farm where 9,000 birds were lost and his huge investment all sank in the rising floods that ravaged the South-South region of Nigeria

Personal Health:

True as it is, yet underrated more often than not; optimal food productivity demands a degree of farm labor that only healthy and fit farmers can deliver.

These factors can potentially compound into a scarcity that affects food pricing, as seen in several parts of the world today.

Farmers are treasures that we all must support and protect!

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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