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I'm Open to Being Open to the Option of Being 'Open to the Proposal'

1/Happy Thursday BTC friends

One thing that being sick with covid has reminded me of, is the phrase "be open to the possibility of..."

When things feel really shitty, it's usually not realistic to immediately get to "it will all be okay" and sing the smurfs theme song. 🧵

2/ I can hear a Scottish voice in my head already saying "eff you".

However, I can honestly commit to being "open to the possibility" of a better future, or even a slight improvement, whatever that is.

Oh, there's a bunch of neuroscience stuff that helps this work in our RAS

3/ Put simply, it helps our brain's search engine start hunting for solutions instead of more 💩.

If I stay in "this sucks" and "I am doomed", my brain will find all sorts of evidence for that belief.

💩 wins then. No bueno.

4/ However, just uttering to myself, that I'm open to the possibility of X, has always lead to many small miracles showing up.

It opens up a "how could I" dialogue.

So, weirdo that I am, I'm thankful that getting covid reminded me to be "open to the possibility..."

5/ Please understand this is about change, not pretending.

So yes, the FTX debacle and other bad actors like them suck.

Politicians are politicians and say stupid, uninformed things that hurt and create damage.

The world has serious problems.

6/ And, I'm open to the possibility that positive change and solutions are already at play.

The bitcoin community I experienced at @pacificbitcoin absolutely proved that.

Be open to the possibility that better is already on the way. 💜

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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