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Price Analysis: Consolidation Continues

btc -

im gonna post a bunch of charts here, I like to look back at the various things i was using/trading with as i progress. Sorry in advance if its annoying.

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btc eth Etherium arbitrum gmx


Looking for a larger size swing long. H1 chart here w/plan & trigger. Look for pullback to top of recent H1 consolidation, also about last weeks ML(16.7). Look to buy on a bounce from there.

Take some profit at the @Tradingalpha_ H1 trackline. If we retake it, add back in size.

When you zoom out on the @hyblockcapital liquidity map, we took most below us. If we are going to hunt liquidity, it looks like we go up from here. Combine that with gmx OI pushing 120m and over 70% short for days now.

On the H4 chart, we have two confirmed @Tradingalpha_ bullsih reversals. One by price and one by thrust bar. Price confirmed the reversal, came back and tested into the reversal bar and continued higher. This is a pattern i notice with succesfull reversal signals.

Couple other TF charts for reference.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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