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GNY's #BTC Range Report Now Available

Today's edition of GNY's fully-featured BTC

Range Report is free for you to view here:

We have built the Report to help traders find calm perspectives while navigating the fast-moving & emotionally triggering CryptoMarkets

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We know that:

-> great insight can be gained from the analysis of onchain data

-> traders struggle with on-chain analysis due to the mountains of data they have to sift through

-> there are patterns/Indicators which are too complex/subtle for human brains to detect



Range Report is produced using MachineLearning that:

-> analyses millions of historical transactions across multiple datasets

-> detects price & volatility correlations

-> runs regularly to provide you with up-to-date & objective Bitcoin insights each day



Range Report is data-driven and built without bias

It delivers essential projections plus core analytical tools to support your move towards calmer and more fundamentally sound cryptocurrency trades


We hope you gain solid insights from today's edition of the BTC Range report; a static copy of which is featured in this thread

The live page is launching on a subscription basis shortly

Don't miss out on our special introductory offer here:


Range Report - GNY
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