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6 Reasons Why Bitcoin will Never Receive Your Life!

1) I think most of you should stop thinking about .@SBF_FTX and move on with your life, or actually get a life!

I lost ~10 BTC in this sh*itshow, but I’m not gonna spend the the next months/years chitchatting and gossiping about SBF

2) instead I’m gonna roll up my sleeves and I’m gonna start trading again.

This time harder and better than before to make up for the losses,.

‘cause let’s be honest, we might or might not see those money ever again

3) I like to solve problems and move on, clearly most people on TWTR prefer gossiping and moping instead.

Let it be, leave the job to journalists, investigators, lawyers, courts, politicians and whoever else is investigating this havoc, MOVE ON!

4) The truth, the actual truth, will never come out.

It’s super easy to villainize .@SBF_FTX right now, the mass is doing so, everybody hates him now, let’s talk sh*it about SBF then!

5) Just remember what most of you thought/wrote/said about SBF_FTX in 2021 HODL that thought…

YEAH, exactly what I mean!

6) You wanna be a sheep? Go ahead

I’m not a fcuking sheep.


This post is based on this twitter thread.


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