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OK we got your attention ,heres a long thread that can change your life from a Crypto expert ,please share,Welcome to Droid NO BS!


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DROID for daily topic WINFLUENCER NO BS!!!!! on Twitter

Clockwise commentary as usual,1-July prediction ,2-compared to fact ,3-orange arrows where we said the dump would come ,4-Droid basic cheat sheet for the next 2 years ,revised red line due to inflation measures in USA delaying fed print rumoured for Jan in July 22.

Ok so we have an good idea of what was coming is this the bottom for BTC

we need to go through a few more charts to get a real feel for whats happening ,plenty of alt are also real bargains now if your building a hodl portfolio ....more on them later!

Theres a good argument to say we are at the bottom of one of these,but the top didnt form perfectly to confirm this pattern

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Bitcoin BTC there is however potential for another death cross at the end of the year if we keeping heading in this direction... so whats happening short term ?

1-Undergoing a correction here,50/50 is the outcome. 2-btc dom looking at forming inverse head and shoulders here ...btc could regain more of the market as this plays out. 3-for newcomers dom chart.take the time to understand how this works its crucial.

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Heres the current fire chart , these can be researched on youtube if your new to them and are very useful ,whales can manipulate as ever but still interesting the white lines are orders ,the purple line at the chart below whale activity...whales move markets along with news...

A major reason for market collapse could be the formal announcement of war from Russia , setting stink (very low) bids for this is a great idea ,use idex etc for security though

EVERYTHING changes in 4 weeks; this is Putin's calm before the storm | Redacted with Clayton Morris

If we get the likes and retweets on this we will continue later today with alts , please spread the word about Droid on your socials ,the winfluencer no bs thread!

btc ethereum looking for a bottom in bitcoin over the next week , check out @marsdroid1 πŸ£πŸ‘½

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