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Bitcoin Price Drop With 3 Major Events


I compared the selling vol and % of price drop with 3 major events.

Covid -63% (254k sold) Jun 2022 crash - 46% (261k sold) FTX collapse - 26% (764k sold)


To drop more 39% (10k level), 2 conditions should be met 1 - BIG worldwide event (world war 3) 2 -bigger selling pressure (1 Million BTC)


As per coinglass, there is only a total of 1.9 Million BTC

on all exchanges.


The possibility of all this to happen is low but not impossible.

I am still waiting for this exchange’s war to end to start entering the market again as a long term investment.


Spot daytrading, it is still very risky because no liquidity is available to push prices higher. For futures daytrading, the same applies as there is no liquidity to push prices in both directions. We can only make scalping trades high lev (doing this daily on Tik Tok live) 5/5

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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