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BREAKING: Beer Market: beer buys beer!

Latest updates: - BTC H4:

- ETH H4:

- CHZ H4, Targets 1 & 2 hit:

Tldr: - H4 downtrends still too strong, - Chopfest is real, - CHZ gud coin gave targets, - Fuckery before weekly close ?

GL HF gg no re

Bierre on Twitter
Bierre on Twitter
Bierre on Twitter

My job is done for the week, will most likely be AFK until tomorrow evening/Monday pm.

Choppy environment on majors, you can still feel the market is "chocked" and very emotional.

As expected a lot are getting chopped hard by post crash PA.

Still some great trades to chase.

There's nothing more you can than adjusting risk/size accordingly, going back slowly "testing the waters", trade after trade and remaining a "trend" and "profit" maximalist. Will never insist on this enough.

Forever valid:

Bierre on Twitter

"However... Respect the trend. Maybe you won't catch bottoms but you'll avoid shit ton of traps."

Bierre on Twitter

And that's truly it for me, beer market must go on now.

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