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Make Profit and Take Profits

🧵There's ALWAYS a silver lining. When chaos consumes the weak, replace whimpers with looking for ways to win. You can mine BTC without ASIC. Dispel the negative, tune out, be fkn different!⬇️1 example of a win while you lagged in despair. Be a manager! It's not too late.


Risk management is your friend. Removing greed and the human desire for convenience is key here. That can mean using educated stops and limits but also includes self custody and choosing the right method of exchange. This takes extra work but not as hard as 99% of jobs not Meta.

Seek control. This means look for assets and methods that give you more control over the outcome. BTC is the king, tokens are mostly promises and/or IOU's until they actually yield profit. Even then, you have to be smart enough to take the profit. Take profit and Decentralized.

Find a strategy - make a plan - have goals.

What indicators do you trust? I mean ones you studied and understand with your livelihood type trust. Learn how to read patterns better than ever before. Make your own strategies and test them 100x. Learn to trust yourself by studying.

Timing is everything! Your level of patience WILL be the reason for your success or demise. There's something great about reading though CT and waiting something others don't see. Soon you will gain trust / confluence from the ones you jive with. Find people on your wavelength.

Get comfy with countering fear and hype. There's always going to be levels of extremes. What level of oversold and overbought are you waiting for and how long will the price be there? -> see limit orders.

Making profit ladder orders is never a bad idea.

This tweet is leaning more towards fundamentals for me than normal. I'm a strong believer in time over price. My methods include an array of things I've picked up over the years. I'm a hoarder when it comes to price/time, Gann, Fibonacci, indicators, patterns and history. -

It's a mess to explain but a pleasure to understand. With that said, you do not need me or anyone else to see that the entire market is never only up or only down. The ability to ride momentum to profit and/or gaining BTC is always there. No matter big or small a win is a win.

BTC pairings are underestimated if you know the right alts to look for. I feel this long thread is needed because I'm familiar with the feeling of losing big. If you want to pull out of this, start with these basics and be greedy w/profit. Counter trend is ok, research, plan, win

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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