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Scheme: Win $BTC in Metaverse Hackathon with Metaverse Plot

BuildRDAO's CachingChallenge 12/8/22 @ 6PM EST.

TLDR Win BTC 💰 Metaverse plot🤯& other prizes! Just do MetaCaching Challenge Shout out to our sponsors 🗣

@MindsetReset01 @NajahRoberts @DocMontyForUS n @bobcat_weaver @MindsetReset01

Details in🧵 @Trekkw2ks & @__3D___

Caching Challenge Participants will get complete one challenge base in the Uplift metaverse on the designated plot.

Challenge: Metacaching Goal: Utilize tools to capture data from hidden sign(s) around an undisclosed public sign on plot. Data will be hidden with in a 10 👇🏿

block radius of the visible sign. The radius is based on cubic dimension (14 directions from the center.) How to win: find the correct visible sign Search for the hidden text Extract data Post tagged message on Twitter Must tag @BuildRDAO, @__3d___,">@__3d___ @Trekkw2ks 👇🏿

There will be 3 signs and each will have a different hidden text. Participants can only post one of the three hidden text in order to win a prize. Each hidden text can only be used once.

Example: thisIsMGS & Minecraft Name for the Metacaching challenge. MetaverseHackathon 👇🏿

thisIstheMSG and is the hastag that will be present in the visible sign, insert the hashtags from hidden sign in place of thisisthemsg.

Winners and Prizes: Placement is determined by order of Twitter posts containing the hidden text. 👇🏿

Winners and Prizes: Placement is determined by order of Twitter posts containing the hidden text.

1st place - 50 worth of BTC and plot in Uplift Metaverse 2nd place - 25 worth of BTC and swag 3rd place - swag

Rules: Must have Minecraft account Must have a Twitter account Your tweet may vary but must include that you are submitting for the challenge by name as a hashtag (Metacaching) while also stating your Twitter id (with the @ and include @trekkw2ks @__3d___ @BuildRDAO

-Here's an example tweet: "I hereby submit myself, @YourTwitterHandle as, YourMinecaftName into the ChallengeName! @trekkw2ks @__3d___ @BuildRDAO"">@BuildRDAO Participant Twitter and Minecraft ID handles must be submitted NO later than Dec 7th PM EST

Submit ONE BTC address to receive prize All players must start from the center of the world map for event Able to use software like Litematica as data extractor but not limit to just this one software or technique. Players have a one hour window to search extract and post data 👇🏿

on Twitter Challenge location (world sections and plot address) will be announced on Twitter by @trekkw2ks,">@trekkw2ks @__3D___ & @BuildRDAO Dec 8th at 6 pm EST Players will not take any action to disrupt the servers Official clock for challenges will be

Current Time & Time Zone For Miami Beach, Florida

Extra Details If you are not apart of the Uplift World, there are 30 free whitelisting spots available for this event by the hosts. Contact @BuildRDAO, @trekkw2ks or @__3D___ on twitter with your Minecraft handle.

If player already has access to the Uplift server they don't have to be whitelisted **The hackathon is being managed on Twitter through the @BuildRDAO account** **Not associated with the Uplift World**

REQUIREMENTS MINECRAFT (JAVA EDITION ONLY, MINECRAFT 1.16.5) Minecraft data extractor Uplift World Server Access (or event whitelisting) Twitter account

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