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Make a Hump, Bitcoin Dump Is inevitable!

GM! BTC again made a low of 16500 from where it’s bouncing to 17100 levels in the last two weeks. I think BTC is facing a lot of short build up around 16663 which may result in big dump in case of bad news. 15500 will be the first support followed by 13500! cryptocurrency

Ethereum is managing to stay around 1200 levels. It had previous support at 1220-1280 levels which is now turning to resistance. If ETH consistently trades below 1220 then we may see 1150-1030 very soon. In any case, markets will go down so ETH will be soon below 1k

altcoins are weak but selective coins are pumping today which looks like a “exit pump” that normally happens before market dumps badly. This is for the project owners to dump on the public by creating a fake pump. Be careful, play with small money only. Never carry them for tomo

Summary: BTC is not going anywhere & has been making a lower rangebound movement ever since we entered the bear market this year. There are many issues ranging from wars, scams & global economic problems so there is no way BTC will escape it. Dump is inevitable!

We are very early. This is true both for crypto as an asset & the current bear market. We will need two more years to come out of this bear market. DCA is the only strategy for now or using @Bcubeai Long/Short Swing Bot that can trade in any condition! Crypto

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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