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A Thread to “Overcome the Market in 2 to 3 Years”

I've decided to create a thread containing projects that I believe will outperform the market in the next 2-3 years.

Have tried to include a variety of sub-sectors within crypto, projects in infancy and those that are yet to launch.

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1: @XANAMetaverse - XETA

XANA is a Metaverse blockchain infrastructure, directly supported by the Japanese govt, and major institutions worldwide.👀

The XANA chain is going mainnet soon, and is one of the only Metaverse projects with longevity, given their infrastructure.

2: @hackless_io - HKLS

Hackless offers security to DeFi protocols, aimed to detect a hack, and save funds if vulnerable.💪

DeFi security remains a major issue, and HKLS is the first step in solving it. Still pre-IDO with proven cases, plans are to launch on @TheDaoMaker

3: @unlimited_defi - UWU

With CEX's remaining a major liability to users, UWU resolves this by offering synthetic on-chain leverage trading, alongside several other protocols.

Backed by reputable VC's, UWU is rumoured to be launching in Dec, and will allow DEX levg trading.

4: @SweatEconomy - SWEAT

After STEPN, SWEAT is the one of the only move2earn projects that has earned my trust...👀

With over 120M+ users, all you need to do is download the free app, start walking, earn SWEAT.

No barrier to entry, should continue to scale. 📈🚶

5: @orion_protocol - ORN

Orion aggregates the order books from major CEX's & DEX's into a single terminal, giving access to crypto without ever needing to create an account.

This solves the issue with CEX's such as FTX, as your funds remain in your own custody. 🤝

6: @maplefinance - MPL

Maple offers uncollaterized lending to businesses, essentially bringing capital markets on-chain, maintaining high due diligence.🤝

Used by major institutions, credible partners, successfully operated for over 12+ months, and has long-term potential.📈

7: @SelfKey - KEY

SelfKey acts as your non-custodial on-chain ID, which secures your KYC documents on-chain and enables one-click verification on DeFi dApps, banks and more. 🔥

Their wallet is free-to-use, and uses the blockchain for a real practical purpose IMO. 🤝


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Let me know your thoughts below, and other projects I should look at... 👀

(Disclaimer: I may own or have invested in the projects mentioned. This list reflects my personal opinions.)


This post is based on this twitter thread.


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