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Let’s settle this now – Who Will Buy the #BTC

What we see the most on our feed these days is that BTC will fall to 12k, 10k or even 8k.

what if its true? Lets see how much more you will make buying the "bottom", instead of peacefully DCA ? ⬇🧵

Lets assume you have 10k to invest solely in BTC and in the first case you invest 100USD all the way from 16k down to 8k and the 2nd you ape on key levels 12k, 10k and finally 8k.

So we can see that you have nailed the bottom ( if we ever get to those numbers), the best is to buythebottom over DCA. but how much you will make in the next bull run?

If/when we return to the previous ATH of 69k, the difference between both strategies will be aprox 1.3k, increasing to a whopping 1.8k when the price reaches 100k , but there is a catch

Are we even sure we will revisit those levels? Or are we close to bottom already? Is it worth risk and do not invest rn or just sit in our cash? We saw that a big event like ftx didnt cause a great dip, what will happen next?

Let me know if you are team DCA or team bottom and what are your thoughts on price action, or what will happen next. if you like, please like and retweet my first tweet!

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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