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Bitcoin as a Hedge Against Inflation?

Bitcoin - Is it a hedge against inflation? 🤔

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1) Mass adoption will exponentially grow the market worth of a crypto market that is still in its infancy, with the global cryptocurrency market cap for 2022 at around 900 billion compared to 30 trillion market size for the S & P 500.

2) With reduced volatility, the argument for Bitcoin being a hedge against inflation truly becomes a relevant one.

3) So, not now, but in the future… We are at a time of great global change to traditional narratives- in politics and economics. This time it looks different. This time it looks like a time of mass disorder, of paradigm shifts. A time of change.

4) Replacing the old financial system with a new system cannot be quick, nor easy nor painless. However it is during times of upheaval that a new order can become apparent.

5) The arguments for Bitcoin being digital gold hold true, and, perhaps, for the near future, one can argue that Bitcoin is in fact not a hedge against inflation; however, when one looks over a broader time period, that narrative shifts.

6) Only time will tell, however, the modern world needs a modern solution, and the finite, decentralized and fungible nature of Bitcoin, makes it a good bet, in my opinion. ✅

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