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Gem Brings Bitcoin Clients to CEX, FUD and Genesis

Just a quick update. Whales Ratio 30D MA lifting up even more while MM entities reducing more their balances. CEX BTC balances are not declining anymore even with the bankrun we had since FTX collapse. Almost 60k BTC left on CEX since they started to sent


If the balances maintains that level while many moved their assets to personal wallets would mean, we received more inflows.

BTC to CEX in September. Big buyers started to distribute again? Based on @Mtrl_Scientist chart big sell orders at 18k while less liquidity in the lower


This week could be very exciting. Let us see what happens to Genesis as they demanded 1b for today. It's unclear yet if Genesis (potential) fall could also have an impact to Grayscale. If so, that could cause a big trouble and should have an impact to the price too.

Anyway, as usual. Before we go up, we go down to liquidate longs. So, I would be careful trading futures with mid or high leverage.

Binance BTC/USDT order books showing they triggered the sell order below (confirming what I said last friday about orders) and would expect a big

pump to 18k (under normal conditions, without FUD related to Genesis/Silvergate/Grayscale) to distribute again.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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