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5 Things to Do Before Halving

1. Daily reminder that you have around 488 days to accumulate BTC and other « quality » cryptocurrency before the next halving

What does that means? 👇 ETH woo vet algo

2. Halving is an event occurring every 210 000 blocks (around 4 years)

Reducing the supply given to miners by half -> conducting to an insane demand by people around the world.

Last ones occurred in 2012,2016 and 2020. doge shib sol ftt NFTs Crypto Solana VeChain BNB


The money then flourish into those other project actively building and survivor of the lasts cycle. Not a lot of them manage to do it.

⚠️ Pick them wisely

Quick gains means quick downhill and sometimes those never come back to life.

4. I recommend the DCA

Dollar costs average every month in on a trustworthy exchange and leave it in till at least a 10% crash then convert to what you did research on and what you believe in.

5. Probably the most important part:

Learn how to create and secure

what you bought on a cold wallet

What you leave on an exchange is not yours. Multiple exchange will keep failing and more will keep flourishing, you will always be able to sell or buy your crypto if secured.

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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