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7 Things I Learned in the Bear Market

Few things I learned in the bear market while x50 my balance on BTC futures only:

1) Always have your analysis being the top source for decision-making moves. Use the CT charts/info, but trust your analysis and stick to it.


NEVER trust CT "influencers". I say "influencers" because they are only shillers. They buy slowly day by day and tweet synchronized at one day to cause FOMO and get easy 2-3x while you get stuck

4) Be HUMBLE and take profits. - Overextending BTC futures positions will most likely turn the trade backward and get you scared. This is where you can panic stop and then the trade continues in your direction again.

Otherwise, the market will humble you.

5) Remember, the market is looking for LIQUIDITY.

Like it or not, regardless of how good/bad the news spread, the market will likely go the opposite for some time to grab liquidations.

6) BTC is only following SPX with higher volatility.

Whoever tells you that this is not the case is lying to you.

There are not enough traders to execute all those transactions per minute. It is ALL API TRADING and bots controlling the price.

7) There is NO SUPPORT or RESISTANCE when there is actual buy/sell pressure.

Support/resistances are applicable ONLY when there is no spot buy/sell pressure. In such cases, the chart just gets hammered and does not respect those.

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This post is based on this twitter thread.


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