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Failing Bitcoin? Don't FUD It Up AnON!!

[🧵 Efficient Capital 1/5] I literally don't understand people trying to snipe a bottom on BTC and ETH

For what reason? The R/R depending on price gets better so you just slow DCA and increase amounts when it drops to fair value

You got enough time no need to attempt a sprint

[🧵 Efficient Capital 2/5] Price is at levels where we with patience start slowly and look at markets

No need to future trade or get caught up in ideas it's very simple listen:

Just start buying slowly here into lower levels and the closer we get to 9K BTC the more we deploy

[🧵 Efficient Capital 3/5] DONT FUCK IT UP ANON!!

If you got capital now just use it efficiently and we can start degen longing when we have a confirmed bull

Patience and mental resilience

Know when the time is to play and when to sit on your hands and slowly deploy

[🧵 Efficient Capital 4/5]

If you fucked up before in the bull Don't worry.

All you need now is a strong mind, get to work on a day job or any other means to get usable capital and monitor the markets even more.

In your case I would not yet deploy simply because 👇

[🧵 Efficient Capital 5/5]

The Risk vs reward of instantly spending capital is too high on risk and it's better to save up a bit and wait for the confirmed move

For us that can take risks more since existing capital we start deploying here and can swing a bit on big up moves

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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