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Bitcoin Died 466 Times, Some Claim it Was Over/A Scam

πŸͺ¦ Bitcoin died 466 times! Even when the asset reached its ATH (64.836), some claimed it was over/a scam...

(According to data from 99Bitcoins) BTC

πŸͺ™ Will Bitcoin make it? 🀯

🫣 Questions about Bitcoin (BTC) continue to be raised as the flagship digital asset broke support below the 20,000 price barrier and crashed all the way down to 16,000 just after FTX collapsed... the current cryptocurrency bear market environment is the result of

a combination of bad news, characterized by rising inflation, rising interest rates, and investor uncertainty. The latter has become more pronounced in recent weeks as confidence in centralized exchanges continues to decline. " Not your key, not your coins" πŸ”‘

πŸ“‰ Market manipulation by institutions and the media is part of the game; they use the volatility of cryptocurrencies and the fear of investors in order to accumulate at a much more attractive price and accelerate the regulation of the market as well as the introduction of

CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currency). In this line, bitcoin has been declared "dead" 466 times by various media outlets, according to data from 99Bitcoins, the official obituary of the cryptocurrency. πŸͺ™

πŸ“Š The data reveals that bitcoin was declared dead 26 times in 2022, as of November 21; in contrast, bitcoin was declared dead 47 times in 2021

βœ…To be honest, I'm convinced that cryptocurrency has a bright future, and I won't be giving up anytime soon. The world is changing, and I am convinced that this digitalized economy will be entirely part of our world

❌ However, I don't believe in CBDCs; I only see them as an infringement on our freedoms and a way to better track, monitor, and manipulate the masses. The real danger is that there is no limit to the amount of control the government can exert on people if the money is

purely electronic and provided directly by the authorities. CBDCs would give government officials total control over the money that goes in and out of each person's account. A real nightmare for our personal freedoms! 🫣

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