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$BTC (ETH) Price Analysis: 2019 Bear Market

This was a situation back in 2019 of BTC What we see here is a clear break down, with a hard pull above the level back to retest, what was not retestet. (marked in the green circle)... also it was a bullish divergence and a run on the lows.

This is one possible scenario imho. The difference is, that we are now in a bigger time frame, the weekly. But the structure is somehow the same. We had a distributive top, o run on the lows, a bullish divergence and the untested highs. BTC

here you see the 3k bottom 2018. It created the same pattern, just inverse. They collected the bottom, left the bottom, and retestet the neckline on the corona crash 2020. What ever you think will come... our neck line is on 32k, and will be tested. no matter what. BTC

some other thing is, that nearly every time, the price comes back to the start of it's impulse. Marked it here with a green arrow. the big push after such a break out, is not natural. The big crashes were predefined by these unnatural rises after the green arrows! BTC

people blame the market for the dumps. Luna, 3AC, FTX and so on.... but the fact, that this will happen, was written, as soon as we had the bullrun. The bullrun showed us, that a bear market will follow. It does not matter at all, if any shady guy did something wrong or not.

and as clear, as this is. So clear it is, that prices will come back up again and they will test the untested highs.

If the 2018 crash, the corona crash, the rise from the bottom 2018 to the top 2019. The pump after corona crash to new ATH, and also this bear market, all showed us one thing: narrative does not matter at all.

BTC was here before FTX, before Luna, before @saylor before @binance and also before @genesis_vision (that may collaps next)? and if we dump into the initial pump point, nothing new. Just the way it goes here...

This post is based on this twitter thread.


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