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What Is Cryptocurrency? An Introduction To The Industry A Briefly

What Is cryptocurrency ?

An Introduction To The Crypto Industry

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I'm sure you've heard of the word cryptocurrency either from a friend or have read about it somewhere.

Stay with me as I walk you through the fundamental information to key into the crypto space 😉

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-What Is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital payment system that doesn't rely on the traditional banks to verify transactions.

Crypto is a peer-to-peer system that can enable anyone, anywhere to send and receive payment ✅.

The first cryptocurrency popularly known as Bitcoin was created in the year,2009 by SATOSHI NAKAMOTO.

Bitcoin was created

with the goal of developing a digital and decentralized means of payment—decentralized in the sense that it isn't under the jurisdiction of a single authority—for the internet.

In a nutshell,crypto is a form of payment. In the real world, sending money to someone else requires the intervention of a third party, the bank.

However, owing to "SATOSHI NAKAMOTO," Cryptocurrency allow you to transmit money without the bank's involvement.

Let's talk a bit about how transactions are performed in the Crypto industry, Which networks are used for transactions? All of this brings us back to the blockchain

Follow me as I go into further detail ☺️.

A blockchain is a distributed ledger shared among the nodes of a computer network.

Records of transactions made years ago on the blockchain are still available and unaltered. A blockchain serves as a database where all cryptocurrency transactions are recorded.

Yes ,you reading do you wish to know more about Bitcoin and the Crypto space in general, kindly take some time and watch the video link drop below ,a perfect intro to crypto by @bloomstarbms


Introduction to cryptocurrency
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